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If there is a turning point to point to where Germany was no longer able to win, it the Battle of Moscow as /u/DeSoulis mentions. The entire model of the Wehrmacht was based on a decisive, early victory, and Germany simply didn have the men or production to win a longer war. Failing to crush […]

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I held it on the district line stores doing cyber monday all the way back to Elm Park my home station. I ran in the taxi place next door to the station screaming for a cab. It was only a 5 minute ride but just like your arse does when it has been clenching and […]

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Chicken Lady came back in, saw me, and lost it. Started screaming, holding up fistfuls of raw chicken, “You cut da chicky too thick!!”, and even threw some pieces on the floor. I could see customers coming to the front, and I told her I have to take their orders, but she blocked the exit […]

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Or being eating halal I have now been tainted with sin. I kept back and forthing with this person. I was honestly confused. I am leading healthy interactions in my organization,” she said. She recommends taking the how can I serve you? approach every day with your team and with the executives you work with. […]

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We don really know the mechanism of the expansion of space. We just know that it IS expanding. We know this because we look around the universe at large scales, and everything is moving away from us. You really need to sit down and talk toms thanksgiving sale with your alex and ani arrow necklace […]

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New ListingSterling Silver Native American Bear Claw Pendant Spiny Oyster Signed JFLovely silver pendant with what I believe is a spiny oyster stone set in the buy alex ani bracelets bear claw design. The pendant measures about 1 1/2″ from the top of the bail. The stone measures indoor ice skating rinks in rhode island […]

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Also, I’ve several times filled in small gaps to make my jobs flow seamlessly together by adding a few months (up to six) on previous resumes at jobs I’d actually worked at but just not for those exact time frames. I figured if any company got really picky i would just say it was a […]