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Fortunately, unlike years past when the Nationals were desperate to find a closer as the season went along, they already have one of those. Depth is easier to accumulate at the deadline than a dominant closer, meaning Mike Rizzo has an easier task this year than he has in previous years. But as the Nationals’ […]

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This is so weird cause I had a friend who, a few years ago was either 19 or 20 at the time, and did a very similar thing. Down to the pink bike (although that was his younger sister Apparently he was spotted driving alongside the highway on it to get downtown to see a […]

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She also turned to me after completing the basic CPR class and said “do you feel confident saving someone? I don’t, how many breaths do we do again? Plus I don’t want to put my mouth of someone else’s I don’t know” (they give us one way valves to carry with alex and ani wire […]

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I keep trying to make Stefon jokes because I really do feel like this story has everything: Existential dread, Russian rivalry, World War II, Nature, betrayal. It also feels like science fiction. And even as deep as we went, I feel like there was so much more to talk about. alex and ani crystal necklace […]

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Well before reaching the Reel Inn, a throwback fish joint where customers place orders at a walk up window after perusing a glass case displaying the day’s catch, Mr. Peskowitz already knew his order. “I’m having fried oysters, fish tacos that I ask them to make with whatever’s fresh and a bucket of French fries,” […]

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And then the final straw, I much more enjoy watching movies in the comfort of my own home as opposed to seeing them in the theater. The theater, no matter how cheap, is not a value add for me that is worth any additional price over renting movies at the lighting center ri home or […]